The Nuthatch Room - A Romantic and Unconventional Room

The Nuthatch Room (pronounced nut-hatch), named for the adorable Redbreasted Nuthatch bird, is our coziest and most unusual room. It has a second-floor window that overlooks the trees and gardens of the back yard. The Nuthatch Room features an elevated Queen-sized private chamber, fully enclosed on three sides.  Access to the bed is on the fourth side. The bed is draped in rich red tapestry with an antique chandelier hanging above the bed casting an amber glow. It’s like climbing into Cinderella’s coach, only more romantic. If you need two beds there is also a twin bed tucked under the eave (many adults find this bed quite adequate, but it does have restricted head room). There is an antique marble vanity and a pedestal sink & mirror in the bedroom, and then a door separating the private bathroom with shower. It has it's own wifi network but no TV.

*Note: Guests tell us they find the enclosed Queen bed to be particularly romantic and very comfortable, but not well suited for the mobility impaired. If you are up and down often at night, use a c-pap machine, or just don't find the idea of climbing in and out of the sleeping chamber a fun one, plan on using this room’s twin bed under the eave or make a different room choice. If no other room choice is available, let us help you find another place to stay.

$153.99 + Tax for 1 or 2 guests Through April 2019
$193.99 + tax for 1 or 2 guests June through September 30, 2019

Maximum of 2 guests

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